Tuesday, September 13, 2016

By the Gods!

Semiramis (Yvonne Furneaux) is prepared to be the Queen of Babylon in SLAVE QUEEN OF BABYLON

A favourite of mine. I just got hold of a cool copy of this with nearly full English track and it's wonderful. I don't know if this is a Fan Dub but since I already made a Fan Dub of it myself but with a truncated English version which left big gaps of the film with Italian dialogue, I wonder where or who got hold of the full English track? It's a mystery. Anyway, I'll scrap my old Fan Dub and watch this one with joy. That's Umberto Silvestri on the left.

Addendum : I just scanned the film and I've noticed it was missing some bits which my Fan Dub has so I guess I have to do a so-called Fan Fix on this one.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Yvonne Furneaux is marvellous and so beautiful. Still here too. I like her in the 1959 British Hammer movie THE MUMMY, and of course she is in Fellini's LA DOLCE VITA, Polanski's REPULSION etc.

PEPLUM TV said...

Yes she is. I wonder how she looks today. Her eyes are dazzling.