Tuesday, September 27, 2016

By the Gods!

Roland Carey is about to kill Sandro Moretti in SWORD OF EL CID

Exciting climax of an often overlooked film. Of course, since it has El Cid in the title people tend to compare it to the Charlton Heston film which is ridiculous. Both films are totally different. Roland Carey is impressive in this film but his role is limited. He played Jason in THE GIANTS OF THESSALY. As for Sandro Moretti, aside from his unfortunate hair colour, he makes an amiable good guy in this. Moratti was in GOLIATH & THE DRAGON, as Goliath's brother (or Hercules' son in the original version). I have several copies of this and I need to do a Fan Dub of it. I have in English and in widescreen but the image quality is meh and there are some technical issues with it. 

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