Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Then & Now : Brett Halsey

Brett in THE MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURER (Burning of Rome) ; a recent photo of Brett


Michael O'Sullivan said...

More proof that even the most good looking of us get old. Well he looks ok for someone in his early 80s.

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Plus he has had a long career - IMDB clocks up over 150 credits, and he is still working, so I suppose Brett is doing ok.

Jean Sorel and Robert Hossein are both in their 80s now, look reasonably ok and are still working too. Ditto Anouk Aimee, last credi 2012 (the slinky Queen Bera from SODOM AND GOMORRAH - how about Scilla Gabel ?). Sadly, Rosanna Podesta (HELEN OF TROY) passed away a few years ago.