Thursday, June 16, 2016

By the Gods!

Mickey Hargitay, as Hercules, is made to go through a test (with Jayne standing as prop) in THE LOVES OF HERCULES

One of the better scenes in this somewhat goofy but entertaining PEPLUM. Hargitay wasn't much of an actor and he often comes across as, well, goofy which is not what I think the filmmakers wanted to achieve. Don't get me wrong, I like this film and I've watched it repeatedly but it is, well, goofy. That's Massimo Serato on the far left. A great actor, probably wondering what he's doing there. The two tall men behind him in tiny tunics are unidentified. They both could have been PEPLUM stars. Another PEPLUM mystery.


Gabriel Nantes de Abreu said...

I think he has a great body tough.

Massive but not ripped.

orsh549 said...

He seemed to have been a much improved actor when he made REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS. In my opinion Revenge was a much better movie. Jayne was in my opinion a very campy actress. LOVES OF HERCULES was all about her. JM was born and raised in Pen Argyle, PA which is about 30 miles from my hometown. She is buried there.