Thursday, June 23, 2016

By the Gods!

Rossano Brazzi, as Archimedes, meets Tina Louise for the first time in SIEGE OF SYRACUSE

Archimedes is holding what's left of Diana's clothes after he accidentally burned her toga with his mirrored weapon while she took a bath in a lake. This is the set-up for an epic and episodic love story which spans decades. Louise has multiple names in this since her character suffers from amnesia for most of the story. Brazzi, a famous actor in Italy and Hollywood, is a blond and they had to darken  his hair for this film. It's a Pietro Francisci film, so of course I like it, but I suspect many people wouldn't because it's a combination of genres (romance, war, etc) : not enough action for those looking for action and the romance is a bit unusual for those preferring romantic films.

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