Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spotting the Future PEPLUM star : Mimmo Palmara in QUEEN OF SHEBA

Mimmo Palmara's legendary career in the PEPLUM genre had to star somewhere. He's most famous for often being the foil to Steve Reeves in HERCULES and other films. Even though he's not credited during the opening credits for QUEEN OF SHEDA or at IMDb, I spotted Mimmo in a very small role in this Pietro Francisci directed epic, his first of five films by Francisci. If there are no other missing films from his profile, this is probably his first PEPLUM production. That's Franco Silva in the top image with Mimmo on the left.

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orsh549 said...

I remember seeing him in this movie but wasn't sure it was him, thanks. I also remember seeing him in other 1950's movies that were not PEPS. He was a versatile actor and very athletic. and he was fun to watch.