Sunday, November 15, 2015

RIP : Moira Orfei


Moira Orfei died today at the age of 83. She was a star of the PEPLUM genre and as one can attest with the titles below, she was in a lot of memorable films. She was one of the major Queens of the PEPLUM genre. She was also a circus performer and had her own circus. Moira was also in THE DEFEAT OF THE BARBARIANS, not shown here. RIP, you beautiful, over-the-top lady!

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The Loves of Hercules

Moira with Mickey Hargitay. This was her first PEPLUM film.

Queen of the Pirates

Moira with Gianna Maria Canale

The Mighty Ursus

Above and below : One of her best role was in THE MIGHTY URSUS, also starring Ed Fury (above). 

Maciste vs Mole Men

Above & below : probably her most recognizable role was in this film, also starring Mark Forest (below). She played her role quite beautifully : over-the-top, evil and yet sympathetic.

Ursus in the Valley of Lions

Moira with Alberto Lupo

Kerim - Son of the Sheik

Another villainess role for Moira in this Gordon Scott actioner.

Toto & Cleopatra

Moira with Toto

Samson & the Slave Queen

Moira is the beautiful temptress in this film which co-stars Alan Steeel and Massimo Serato

Hero of Babylon

Gordon Scott and Moira together again

Revenge of the Conquered

Moira with Mario Petri. Both were often cast as villains.

Terror of the Steppes

Moira in this Kirk morris action mini epic

Triumph of Hercules

Moira co-starred along with Pierre Cressoy and Marilu Tolo 

Revolt of the Praetorians

Moira as a high priestess (with many coloured hairstyles, see link )

The Two Gladiators

Mimmo Palmara and Moira made for a sexy, evil couple!

Samson & the Mighty Challenge

Nadir Moretti and Moira played Samson & Delilah in this PEPLUM comedy


Scott Ochiltree said...

Thanks for the very nice tribute and the impressive compilation.

Richard Svensson said...

I certainly remember her from Maciste vs the Mole Men. She managed to be a very alluring and sympathetic baddie.