Monday, November 2, 2015

By the Gods!

Massimo Serato and Livio Lorenzon (background) send Ugo Sasso to his death in CAVALIER IN THE DEVIL'S CASTLE

I got a copy of this rare film from Alan. It's pretty good. It's about an evil man (Serato, who else?) who tries to marry himself into power and a masked avenger known as The Masked Cavalier who tries to stop him. The story is pretty much standard stuff (so many PEPLUM films have this storyline) and it has pretty much almost every PEPLUM clichés known to man, including this one, trap door, but it's solidly directed by Mario Costa, so the familiar script doesn't detract. Part of the film's intrigue is trying to figure out who's The Masked Cavalier and even though I guessed it, it was still fun to watch how the script played with it. The film was originally in color and widescreen but this Italian broadcast showed it in B&W. Very entertaining.

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