Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Different Versions : Ursus - the Rebel Gladiator

I finally got hold of more than one version of THE REBEL GLADIATOR ala URSUS - THE BEBEL GLADIATOR (thanks Alan). Whenever I have different versions I love to compare them to see if there's any differences. Here's a quick overview of the 3 versions.

Italian version

Italian full screen version

US version available on DVD

Cut scenes :

This simple and yet beautiful scene with Gloria Milland and José Greci is cut from the grubby US version available on DVD. It's a nice scene in which it establishes the "friendship" between the two ladies. Both look great.

José Greci

Gloria Milland

The scenes above and below are cut from the widescreen version of URSUS - THE REBEL  GLADIATOR. In the scene below Commodus (Alan Steel) complains to Milland that his life was spared by the barbarian and he finds it humiliating.

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