Wednesday, January 7, 2015

By the Gods!

Lisa Gastoni, as Mary Read, in QUEEN OF THE SEAS

Not to be confused with QUEEN OF THE PIRATES or TIGER OF THE SEVEN SEAS, both starring Gianna Maria Canale.

What's funny about this film is how none of the titles for different countries match: QUEEN OF THE SEAS is the North American title. The UK title is HELL BELOW DECK. The original Italian title, LE AVVENTURE DI MANY READ, translates as THE ADVENTURES OF MARY READ. The West German title is UNDER THE BLACK FLAG OF THE PIRATES. The Portuguese title, SANGUE DE CORSARIO, translates as BLOOD CORSAIR. And the French title, MARY LA ROUSSE, FEMME PIRATE, translates as MARY THE REDHEAD FEMALE PIRATE.

So weird.

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Michael O'Sullivan said...

I liked Lisa recently in THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, which PEPLUM would like, an enjoyable version of Hugo's story in 1967, with Jean Sorel in a double role - his makeup as the man who laughs is a riot! - and Gastoni and Edmund Purdom as the Borgias. Its a treat!