Wednesday, December 10, 2014

EXODUS reviews are now coming in...

...and some of them are brutal!

"This eye-rollingly bad movie is silly, sluggish and miscast." - New York Daily News

"When a swarm of super-crocs seize upon fishermen, turning the Nile into literal blood [...] perhaps you can briefly forgive Christian Bale's sketchily defined Moses." - Metro

"A grandly staged but soulless and mediocre retelling of Moses liberating the slaves of Egypt." - Impulse Gamer

"This is big screen filmmaking at its most traditional, a pageant of sight and sound that makes the trip to the theater completely worth it. Pity about the movie, though." - Badass Digest

Ouch! Those super-crocs killing men and turning the Nile into blood sounds ridiculous!

Previous article on EXODUS : link

EXODUS : GODS AND KINGS hits theatres this Friday.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

I'll stick with Cecil's TEN COMMANDMENTS thank you very much, after hating Ridley's CGI KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.

orsh549 said...

I too will stick with THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, and some kudos go to THE TEN COMMANDMENTS TV miniseries from Hallmark in which Dougray Scot played a more " Blue Collar type" of Moses, and it brought to light the 40 years of wondering through the desert which turned out to be quite brutal and unforgiving.