Monday, December 22, 2014

By the Gods!

Ulpia (Wandisa Guida) is pestered by Erika (Simonetta Simeoni) in HERCULES AGAINST ROME

I've just completed a fix on my Fan Dub of this film (I replaced the few scenes with the original Spanish audio with a much preferred Italian audio for the scenes where there was no English audio) so as I was rewatching it I can't believe what a bitch Erika is in this. Everyone is nice to her, including Wandisa's character, but she makes everyone's life that more miserable. Erika would be on a list of the Top Ten Bitchy PEPLUM characters!

Oddly enough, in this film, like a couple of other PEPLUM films, Wandisa is the main actress but she falls for a man other than the hero, like in GLADIATOR OF ROME where she co-stars with Gordon Scott but is the love interest of another man (which I thought wasn't good). In this film, Erika pesters Ulpia because she's jealous of the attention from Hercules (Alan Steel) for Ulpia but Ulpia falls for a Roman general played by Mimmo Palmara. So Erika was being a bitch for nothing, which makes her character seem even more bitchy. Aha! Erika is wonderfully played by Simonetta. Wandisa is great in this too even if how her character was written would be unflattering to most but Wandisa carries it off on point.

I love this film!

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Unknown said...

Very good film indeed...I have the Dutch VHS in English with Dutch subs but I have never been able to locate a release in English.