Monday, December 15, 2014

By the Gods!

The rebels from THE SON OF SPARTACUS (aka The Slave)

The front row: Benito Stefanelli, Ombretta Colli, Enzo Fiermonte and Steve Reeves.

This film has two different versions. I did not make a scene by scene comparison between the US and Italian versions yet (I will do it in the near future) but I know the US version has a generic score while the Italian one basically has the same score from DUEL OF THE TITANS, also starring Steve. I prefer the Italian one. The US version lacks the strength of the other version with this generic different score we've heard a million times in other PEPLUM films. The story needs a main theme which is lacking in the official MGM cut. I made a Fan Dub with the English dub but with the Italian score. That's the best version of the two. It's the same thing with HERCULES: I created a Fan Dub of HERCULES with the better widescreen image from a French DVD (which, unfortunately, is not uncut) and added the US English dub, replacing the International English dub (which has a terrible voice actor for Steve). IMO, my Fan Dub is the definitive HERCULES version. Also, like so many recent transfers the image from the Warner Archive DVD for SON OF SPARTACUS is way too dark. The aspect ratio is good but it's lacking on both of these points. 


Steven Lester said...

But where can one find the fan dubs that you have described from time to time. I know that they take a lot of time and effort, and it is fair, of course, that you might make some off of your labor. You might consider making the fan dub site invitation only, or even a paid website, for presenting them. I'd join or pay, myself.

PEPLUM TV said...

I upload my Fan Dubs on Youtube but if there are no restrictions. If the film is in the Public domain there's no issue but SON OF SPARTACUS is still copyrighted so there might be some restrictions. I have uploaded HERCULES Fan Dub on my previous channel before Youtube's stupid restrictions made me abandoned that channel and set up PEPLUM TV, the new channel. I'm uploading stuff there gradually, making sure not to get any restrictions there. I have a couple of Fan Dubs uploaded there now including The Giants of Thessaly, The Bacchantes and Duel of Champions, just to name a few. I had The Minotaur there for a few days before someone told me the film is still copyrighted so I removed it quickly.

I don't sell my Fan Dub because with my bad luck I'll get fined.

I'll upload a new Fan Dub for Christmas!