Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old PEPLUM film in new Italian film

A film called IL FUTURO was released last year; the story is about an actor (Rutger Hauer) who used to appear in PEPLUM films and is now a recluse, living in his mansion a la SUNSET BOULEVARD. Some young criminals (pictured above, watching FURY OF HERCULES) want to rob the former actor. The one girl in the group tries to seduce 'Maciste' and that's the basis of the drama. They use clips from FURY OF HERCULES starring Brad Harris as a young Rutger Hauer. How does one go from Brad to Rutger, who simply do not look alike, is a mystery to me.

It's an Italian/Chilean/German/Spanish co-production.


orsh549 said...

Maybe Brad was asked to play the part which would of been the right thing, but refused. Hauer hopefully had a decent make-up job so that he resembled him a little bit.

Richard Svensson said...

I like the idea, though!