Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cinematic Confusion

This poster is confusing on a couple of levels: 'Conquestator' is not a real word. Second and more importantly: what does the artwork have to do with the film? The artwork is from GUNAN with Pietro Torrisi. You cannot have to more different films than those two. So very confusing.


Anonymous said...

Those faux-Russian letter Ns (И) are so out of place too. To add to all this confusion, my best attempts at letter matching and online translation of the arabic title ( المارد والأشرار almarid wal'ashrar ) gave something like "The Marid and the Evil Ones" where the word 'Marid' could mean any of the following: genie, demon, giant, rebel.

Arabic speakers please advise.

Anonymous said...

One possibility is that it is a poster for a double feature:

Gunan, from 1982 (hence the artwork)

and then

The Centurion (Il conquistatore di Corinto) from 1961.
The black script above the title matches the names of the main stars:
Jacques Sernas جاك سيرناس
Geneviève Grad جنيفاف جرار