Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update: Cambyses’ Still Lost Army

Almost 4 years ago I posted a story about the possibility that the legendary lost army of Cambyses might have been found. The incredible story of an army of 50,000 soldiers whom died after a massive sandstorm. The Discovery channel report below shows what they thought was new evidence back in 2009 but...

…apparently the entire thing has been dismissed as a hoax. Those who found the so-called remnants were the twin brothers Alfredo and Angelo Castiglioni, famous for the shockumentaries or MONDO films like MONDO CANE. So the credibility of the findings were in doubt and another person connected with the discoveries, Dario Del Bufalo, also has a dubious reputation. So the legendary lost army may still be, well, lost: link

An artist's depiction of the sandstorm which killed the 50,000 men

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Steven Lester said...

I'm sorry, but the blog sounded as vague as the brothers were. The blog guy offered no proof to his saying the brothers were not being truth. He was just sniffing derisively just because he could. So, tell me, Mr. Blog person: what about all the bones they found? Explain them. Explain the artifacts. Explain the Arab stories about seeing the bones before they were covered up again. You don't dare, do you? Because you can't.