Thursday, September 12, 2013

TIRMA - THE ISLAND PRINCESS - battle sequence directed by Pietro Francisci

The epic film TIRMA - THE ISLAND PRINCESS was directed by Paolo Moffa. It's a South Seas style of adventure but it's set in the Atlantic, on the Canary islands. It's the  'Conquistadors vs the Natives' of the islands. The battle sequence at the end was directed by Pietro Francisci, who directed some of the best PEPLUM films including THE QUEEN OF SHEBA and HERCULES starring Steve Reeves. The battle is typical Francisci action, reminiscent of the big climatic battles in HERCULES UNCHAINED and SAPHO THE VENUS OF LESBOS. Francisci gets a special mention (screenshot above) right after the director's credit. Usually these kind of co-directions go unnoticed so it's pretty cool that he got such a clear mention and shows how important the director's input was at the time.

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