Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photo of the Day

Nippur (Gordon Scott) kills Balthazar (Piero Lulli) in HERO OF BABYLON

Great photo. I already posted a screenshot from this scene but this image is more clear (even if the colors don't match those from the actual film). As I said in the previous post this stabbing shot is cut from the recent British broadcast of this film which doesn't make sense to cut. In one shot we see Nippur who's about to stab Balthazar and then the next shot is Balthazar falling. 

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orsh549 said...

Why in the world would they cut that out of the movie??

Steven Lester said...

It might be because the stabbing itself is so obviously fake. The camera angle is wrong, and so it is obvious that the sword is being pushed through along the side of Balthazar's body, never piercing it at all. I don't know what that black "thing" is behind Balthazar. The end of the sword, in some way?

However, Gordon Scott looks amazing in this shot.

PEPLUM TV said...

Orsh549, too violent for British tv? I dunno.

This is a publicity photo so when Nippur stabs Balthazar in the movie it's very quick and not so obvious. Yes, Gordon does look amazing here.