Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince preview

Artwork by Yanick Paquette and written by Grant Morrison. Morrison claims he's resurrecting Wonder Woman with a new origins storyline which is set deeply in Greek mythology. The graphic novel is not completed yet.


Steven Lester said...

Well, is she anything other than a killing machine in this new reincarnation? Every other new character is these days, whether on tv or in the movies. But I guess it is what our species seems to do best. Overall.

Richard Svensson said...

I listened to an interview with Morrison on Kevin Smith's "Fatman on Batman" podcast, where he explained in what direction he's taking the character, and it sounded quite interesting. Morrison is one of the best storytellers in any media, and he always gets right to the core of the characters he's working on, asking questions about them that sounds very obvious when you hear them. From what I can tell, these previews only show the action side of a small portion of his story. I do like the look of it, and the attention to details.