Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Photo of the Day

Moira Orfei in REVENGE OF THE CONQUERED (Drakut)

Moira is a bad girl in this story (as usual) and this scene is probably the best in the whole film. It's almost impossible to explain but I'll try it: Moira is part of a gang of gypsies. The head of the gypsies (not seen in this screenshot but it happens in this moment) pretends to be a clairvoyant and in this scene she is trying to worm Moira's character out by pretending to know that a certain someone in the group is in cahoots with the villains of the Kingdom they've settled in. The head of the gypsies is looking into a crystal ball and says the image of the snitch is getting clearer and clearer and the identity will soon be revealed which makes Moira's character panic and she runs away, basically revealing her intentions to her people by herself. Love Moira and thank god she was in this film or else it would have been dull, dull, dull. 

It's not bad but it not really memorable, or memorable for all the wrong reasons. Many scenes were cut  and the order of some scenes were rearranged as well for the English version but the changes don't make a big difference to the story. The cast also includes the tall and impressive but lifeless Burt Nelson and the stunning Wandisa Guida, who's really good and never looked better. But the script is dire. It *really* feels like a kids film BUT there are scenes of torture, people being burned alive, a joke gone REALLY wrong with decapitated prisoners (yes, you read that right) which results in the killing of Burt Nelson's mom (with no further consequences) and some attempted 'funny' sexual assault from the 'good' guys. Very bizarre script. The cinematography is stunning though. 

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