Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aphrodite/Venus in name only

Aphrodite/Venus is often used in films/film titles to evoke beauty and love but it's rarely about the actual Greco-Roman goddess. In PEPLUM films, Aphrodite/Venus is synonymous with beauty/love the same way Goliath or Samson is synonymous with strength and heroism.

Tina Louise is Sappho - the VENUS of the island of Lesbos

Jackie Lane appears as VENUS in MARS - GOD OF WAR but it's only a mirage

Belinda Lee is as beautiful as Aphrodite in GODDESS OF LOVE

Isabelle Corey and Irene Tunc (below) from APHRODITE GODDESS OF LOVE

Both women are an amalgamation of APHRODITE/VENUS

Valerie Kaprinsky is the beauty comparable to Aphrodite in, well, APHRODITE

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