Friday, May 18, 2012

Technical goofs: Taking you out of the film

ARABIAN NIGHTS is one of those rare films were the recreation is almost total and it's easy to lose yourself in it, which happened to me recently but then bam the technical goof seen above took me straight out of the film. The camera wobbled a bit to high showing the back projection screen's edge.

Addendum: someone pointed out that the scene is fine: that what we see is the blue sky and sands...which makes sense...I guess I was reacting to the wobbly rear projection...

Massimo Girotti in SPARTACO (Sins of Rome); this shot is from one of the greatest moments in PEPLUM cinema unfortunately this shot is its weakest point, with Massimo obviously standing in front of a painting which always take me out, briefly, of the film. Aside from this terrible shot, the rest of this elaborate scene is brilliant.

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