Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm not historian and I can't claim to be an expert in furnitures but this sofa/bench seen in FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE is, imo, way too modern to be seen in Antiquity. It looks good but is it realistic? Any experts out there?


Anonymous said...

Actually this is pretty good stuff for a film, just typical of an earlier period in Rome (esp. the underpinnings of the couch). Good places to start are A.T. Croom's "Roman Furniture" and Ulrich's "Roman Woodworking."

PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks for the tips. I checked them out online. I'm still not 100% convinced. The way I see Roman furniture is like the link:


The lines for that furniture in FORE seem too clean, too modern. I'd like to see the notes for the production design of FORE