Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo of the Day

Howard Keel as Simon Peter in THE BIG FISHERMAN 

One of those Biblical PEPs that's pretty much impossible to get. It is available online with a message at the beginning stating that this film is recommended by the National Education Association. No big orgy at the end of this film though.


S.R.Orsulak said...

WELCOME BACK!! This movie I saw on TCM maybe 2 years ago or less. It was part of a salute to Howard Keil and his movies. That could be a reason why it's hard to get a hold of, and I don't know if it's available on DVD. When I first saw this years ago I was somewhat disappointed it could of been a lot better if Hollywood would of went by the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

There's a good reason why this is difficult to find ... it's lousy, from its polyester togas to its linoleum floors. Bad, even by Hollywood Bible-movie standards. I too saw this on Turner, they should've sandwiched it in between "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and "Bride of the Monster", it's that bad. Another example of Hollywood not knowing what to do with a talented person.."I know, we'll throw them into a Bible movie." I'm sure if Judy Garland would've lasted a little longer at MGM they would've thrown HER into a Bible movie as well.

PEPLUM cinema said...

SR, nice to be back!

I've seen only parts of it and it doesn't look too promising