Monday, August 15, 2011

Recent additions to my library

I recently got about 40+ films to my library. The majority of the titles I already had but a good portion of them are new titles.

THE BACCHANTES - in Italian but better than nothing. In short, this film is a masterpiece.

JULIUS CAESAR AGAINST THE PIRATES - finally in widescreen and a beautiful transfer. Great PEP.

FURY OF ACHILLES - in widescreen and beautiful print and in English. I also have this film on DVD but in Spanish and I was about to do a Fan Dub. This saves me so much time.

SALAMMBO - Beautiful quality (but in 4:3) and I need to do a Fan Dub for this one. Includes many scenes cut from the US print.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE EAGLE - In widescreen and in English! A real find!

QUEEN OF THE PIRATES - Beautiful semi-widescreen print but in Italian.

THE EGYPTIAN - Beautiful print and in English.

I have many more. My collection is ever expanding and will show them one day on my PEPLUM TV channel but the ratings these days have been awful and there's no point of using up bandwidth for 2 or 3 loyal viewers. Maybe it's just the summer period.

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Unknown said...

Recently watched "Julius Caesar Against the Pirates" on YouTube. Thanks for making such a high quality print available. Gordon Mitchell was at his best in this one. I'm looking forward to enjoying many more of your features!