Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did you know...

...there's two versions of KERIM SON OF THE SHEIK starring Gordon Scott? 

When Gordon agreed to film KERIM with a typical Italian actors & crew in Egypt he was also set to appear in an Egyptian version of the same film, the Italian or European cast and part of the crew replaced with an  Egyptian cast of actors while Gordon remained and reshot the same scenes with the second set of actors. This Egyptian version is probably the rarest PEPLUM film ever. I haven't seen it available anywhere. There's a photo from the film that was accidentally printed on the slipcover of the German DVD and there's a poster, in French, with the Egyptian cast listed but that's about it.

IMDB has both films listed: Italian version and Egyptian version; as you can see the information for the Egyptian version is totally missing or incorrect (the info says it's in B&W when the poster clearly shows it was shot in color).

It's amazing the stuff you learn here at the blog.

The only photo available from the Egyptian version of KERIM, titled KARIM. 
This photo is on the backcover of the German DVD.

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