Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did you know that...

 ...the German DVD of HERCULES (1958) doesn't contain the entire scene when Herc asks for guidance from Sybil at the Temple of Delphi. Yes, the ENTIRE scene is not in this transfer. It goes from Herc being cast out by Iole and her father directly to the Cretan bull scene. I noticed this when I was doing the Fan Dub for HERCULES (see post below). It's insane. It's the film's most important scene. The HERCULES UNCHAINED DVD available on the 2 DVD set is gorgeous and it's well worth buying the set just for that one but the HERCULES transfer is a joke.

You won't find this scene in the German DVD of HERCULES

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Anonymous said...

thank you for the article i saw that all the movies in English-dubbed shorter than the original and i try to find the orginal
maybe could you give me recommendation
thank you