Friday, March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor in QUO VADIS

Elizabeth Taylor, who did a screen test for QUO VADIS, reportedly has a cameo in it after she lost the role to Deborah Kerr. It's difficult to find her in the movie, which boasts a cast of thousands. But here is what some believe is Liz's very brief appearance in the epic movie. Sophia Loren is also reported to be in the movie but I still didn't find any sign of her.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it's hard to tell but I think a very young Sophia is one of the Vestal Virgins. I purposely watch this movie on Saturday nite to see if I could spot her were some scenes in which I zoomed in it was hard to tell. No matter this is a great movie one of my all time favorites, very lavish spectacle!!!

Anonymous said...

False. Sophia Loren plays the blonde Roman girl in a pink robe who throws flowers at Marcus Vinicius passing in his triumphant chariot. He, for a brief moment, takes her for Lygia, but then realises his mistake and rides on.
This movie still is is placed in one of the websites related to Sophia.

Claus Roderich Mattmüller said...

I do not think that the woman depicted above on this page is Elizabeth Taylor. She seems too old and her face is not matching.
A better candidate can be seen at minute 41:36 of the film (DVD version) - the scene where Lygia is guided into Neros Palace, shortly after her entrance. Taylor might be the blonde girl in the light blue robe and golden belt, standing in front of the big mirror (from her own words, we know that she wore a blue gown in Quo Vadis).

Unknown said...

She played the part of a Slave in a scene in the Circus.
She walks in front of Nerone while the roman soldiers flog them

Travis Bickle said...

If you're looking for a shot of Sophia Loren in Quo Vadis, check this out:


Anonymous said...

For a photo of Sophia Loren in Quo Vadis, go to: