Thursday, June 13, 2024


Mark Forest is THE LION OF THEBES (1964) 

This is easily one of the best PEPLUM movies ever made. Everything is excellent. The story is a little weak but the very good production compensates for whatever weakness it has. The one big liability is Mark's stuntman, who was Giovanni Cianfriglia (below). Not that Giovanni is bad. He's not. He's an amazing stuntman/body double. The issue is body types. Giovanni is muscular but slim while Mark was thick. The *many* action scenes, all excellent and still thrilling, are jarring with the back and forth between Mark and Giovanni. One can overlook it but it's not easy to do so. This will become even more obvious in HD.

Giovanni Cianfriglia is also THE LION OF THEBES!


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More about the film and the location:

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Here is the matching video clip:

The back-and-forth between Mark and Giovanni is all too obvious and distracting.
Of course, watching as a kid, I never noticed any of this as it was all about the exciting action.

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Is there an HD print out there?

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Lion of Thebes is one of my favorite Euro Epics because the story of Helen in Egypt has always intrigued me. I do wish that the film would have been more elaborate. It's basically a one set wonder.