Monday, June 3, 2024


Rhonda Fleming and Dolores Francine in REVOLT OF THE SLAVES (1960) 

Rhonda plays a wealthy daughter of rich and powerful man who, with the many twists and turns of events of the story, ends up in prison with her handmaiden. This a fun, action packed movie few people remember. Many critics dismissed the movie as a lesser version of FABIOLA (1949 ) and even though the movies are based on the same source material and the similarities are obvious (Rhonda's character is called Fabiola. And there's Sebastien...), the two movies are completely different in tone and style. I don't see them as the same. I like both of them and the PEPLUM genre is big enough for both. I like Rhonda's role. It's interesting to see such a flawed character be one of the 'good guys.' As for Dolores, she only made a handful of movies, two of which are of the PEPLUM genre. Recommended.

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