Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Scenes from FIRE OVER ROME (1965) 

I like this film. The new Blu-ry release is excellent. For a PEPLUM, it's actually pretty solid. But there is one weak point in it and it's the effects of a burning Rome, made even more clear in this HD release. The effects are serviceable but it clearly looks like small model set. This scene is seen twice, when Nero watches Rome burn and nearly at the very end of the movie. Unfortunately, today' audiences would dismiss the entire movie for these brief scene, disregarding the rest of the production, which is very good (sets, costumes, cast, etc).

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Anonymous said...

This cool film is on ByTheGods youtube channel:

The particular scene is very brief and occurs at about 1hr into the film and I think it is OK and does not spoil the film for me.

You don't usually provide a link to film videos appearing at your youtube channels or elsewhere. Perhaps to avoid some hassles with youtube or google? Are you OK with me providing links sometimes in comments as I have done above for those interested, or am I inadvertently causing difficulties? Please let me know.