Thursday, May 16, 2024


Ivica Pajer, as David, and Simonetta Simeoni in DAVID AND GOLIATH (1960) 

I like this film but...there are, hmm, baroque things about it which makes liking the film a bit difficult. The casting of Croatian actor Ivica Pajer wasn't one of them. The producers were trying to capitalize on the success of HERCULES, with the idea of having a muscular hero in the lead but casting a bodybuilder as David would have been silly so they compromised with Pajer, who's fit but not overtly muscular. He's good in it and he went on to star in a handful of other memorable genre titles. As for Simonetta, her career was short-lived. She appeared in a couple of PEPLUM movies, with her unforgettable role as Erika in HERCULES AGAINST ROME (1964) being her best. Sorry about the fuzzy image. There are no good copies out there.

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