Thursday, May 30, 2024


Roger Browne, Mimmo Palmara and Mario Novelli in THREE SWORDS FOR ROME (1964) 

Even though there were PEPLUM movies made/released until 1965 and part of 1966 (THE BIBLE: IN THE BEGINNING... being one of them released in 1966), the genre itself was almost dead and this movie is a swan song of sorts, a movie with the type of action popularized in PEPLUM movies and that could only be found in such films. I like it even though one can see that this was a last grasp of sorts. I've said it before: even though a ton of such movies were made, I wished there were even more of them. I'm always trying to discover a new one I've never seen. There are titles that I haven't seen, movies which are out of circulation, but it's not the same as discovering a new one few have heard about. 

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Anonymous said...

PeplumTV Titles Page
A very useful list to keep track of the huge output of peplum films:

*** I've noticed that 'Three Swords for Rome' is listed there as 1966, so perhaps that needs to be corrected.