Tuesday, February 6, 2024


Scenes from THE RED SHEIK (1962)

I usually showcase excellent special effects in PEPLUM movies. Well, here's a different one. The scene is a fortress getting blown up. You can see the shadow of the explosion on the back wall. Had they placed the wall much further in the back, it might have worked but now it's a letdown. The fortress below is the real one, or a big set. This fortress was used in KERIM - SON OF THE SHEIRK (1962). Both films used it for the enormous battle scene at the end. The films are Twins Productions. The explosion is not in KERIM. In that movie, the front door is blown open without the use of models.

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Anonymous said...

A disappointing effect for such a climactic scene. Perhaps some of the explosion fragments even ricocheted off the 'sky'.

Looks like it might be easy these days to replace those unfortunate shadows with sky in a remastered / digitally-enhanced version.
Would it make the rest of the film any better though, I wonder?

(Note typo, Sheik not Sheirk.)