Thursday, February 22, 2024


Galla Placidia (Colette Régis) confronts Honoria (Sophia Loren) in ATTILA (1954) 

ATTILA was directed by Pietro Francisci, 4 years before he directed HERCULES (1958). I like all of Francisci's films, including this one. The only big issue I have is that the movie is too short. It needed to be more epic in scale. I like it as it is. I mean, it's very entertaining, like all Francisi's film. Excellent production, cast, the costumes and colours. It's all beautiful. But for a film on Attila, it sorta comes up short. It feels like something is missing. 

Sophia was gorgeous in this and held her own vs the leading men, Henri Vidal and Anthony Quinn. She looks the part. But Loren publicly stated she hated the experience of making it. Certainly during a scene with Quinn and some greasy pork sandwich. 😂

The movie's availability is also another of the film's frustration. I bought the Sophia Loren DVD pack in which the movie was included and it's in Italian with English subs. Finding a good copy of it in English is non-existent. Sophia's voice wasn't used for the English dub. I have multiple copies of this movie, and only one old fuzzy copy with the English audio. Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

The name should be Galla Placidia.