Thursday, July 27, 2023


Eve (Mamie Van Doren) and Adam (Martin Milner) in THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ADAM AND EVE (1960)

The story, like so many other Adam and Eve movies, starts in the modern world where travellers, while stuck in Reno and go through some bad weather, start dreaming about the beginning of time with Adam and Eve. With hip 'beatnik' style dialogue, the movie is pretty odd combo of everything. The movie is babes galore, with Van Doren, Tuesday Weld and Fay Spain, as Lilith, providing endless cheesecake. A young Milner provides the beefcake. Mickey Rooney plays the devil (with a BBQ). Mel Tormé is also in it! Almost as odd as THE STORY OF MANKIND (1957). 

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