Monday, July 10, 2023


Rossana Podestà and Philippe Leroy are tormented 'lovers' in ALONE AGAINST ROME (1962)

That's Djordje Nenadovic on the right. This movie is often overlooked in regards to the PEPLUM genre even though it has everything going for it: excellent production values, cinematography, music, cast, etc. The story is a bit unmemorable and maybe the main reason why it's overlooked. The tormented relation between Leroy and Podesta gets a bit boring after a while. Lang Jeffries is the lead actor and this might also be another reason. Though competent enough, Lang is not the most expressive actor of the PEPLUM genre. But the rest is excellent, including supporting actors. The gladiator action and setting is some of the best, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. It's my favourite part of the movie. Gladiator scenes were reused in other movies, including FALL OF ROME (1963).

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Anonymous said...

I like this film a lot. It got a fairly decent theatrical release in the U.S. unlike many movies of this type.