Tuesday, July 25, 2023

AI generated PEPLUM worlds

With the new advent of AI technology, which is capable of creating imagery with just a few prompts, a whole new set of PEPLUM worlds are emerging. I tried it myself and well I wasn't too impressed by the output. So much so that I uninstalled the app from my phone. But others out there are capable of generating really complex and detailed images which is quite astounding. I wish I knew the trick to get such amazing images. I would create my own PEPLUM stories. Many of these are on TikTok. Remember, you don't need to know how to draw. Everything was conceived by AI.

An AI generated image of Spartacus. The image talks (with moving lips), retelling his story.

Above and below: Someone asked AI how the Trojan War looked like and this is what it came up with. Pretty amazing.



Another image recreated by AI for an (adult) series on the internet. Imagine an entire PEPLUM movie like this. No limit to the imagination.

Of course, it can't replace reality. Even though some images are extremely detailed and photo realistic, most imagery still looks like computer generated art. But it's fun that the PEPLUM genre continues to fascinate with every new technological advances.

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Ivan said...

Instead of AI I'd prefer to draw or read books. I saw last Indiana Jones film, despite its flaws I liked it, it's good (particularly the travel in time), a bit nostalgic, but too much CGI. The same film with old fashioned effects would have been even better. With old films you wondered: how do they do that? Is that real? but today you know it's all AI, there's no fascination. Any post about the Siege of Syracuse in Indiana?