Thursday, August 5, 2021

By the Gods!


That's Sal Ponti and Edward Platt looking at the statue. This statue was originally from THE PRODIGAL (1955) starring Lana Turner (below). The statue looked much smaller in ATLANTIS than in THE PRODIGAL...maybe because Lana was such a petite woman. Other parts of the set were from other movies as well. In fact, the entire production is like a Hollywood treasure throve of stuff re-used for this production. Many consider this a sci-fi movie but it's actually one of the closest thing to a genuine Italian-style PEPLUM movie Hollywood has ever made. 


Scott Ochiltree said...

Reportedly there were two versions of this statue. One was 5.5 feet tall and the other one was 11 feet tall.

One of the statues - presumably the smaller one - was in a garden in New Jersey for a number of years and later was moved to the roof of a bar or club in Delaware.

Any updates on these statues would be most appreciated.

Luv chocolate said...

I'm upset, all the sword and sandal movies I had on my Pvr are gone! My Pvr had problems so the cable replaced it! I recorded them last year off of Turner Classic Movies!😂

PEPLUM TV said... that's bad.

Scott Ochiltree said...

I was wrong! It was the larger of the two statues that was in a back yard in Linden, New Jersey.