Thursday, May 13, 2021

Different Versions: HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN from my collection

This will become a regular feature here at the blog. I'll show the different versions of titles, big or small, with at least than 3 versions or more in my collection.

Since publishing the HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN review of The Film Detective Blu-ray review, some have enquired about this TV version I used as an example between the Blu-ray and the Retromedia DVD. I could have used the copy of the French DVD or Italian DVD but I got the Italian broadcast one 8 years ago, in 2013, and I thought that it would be an adequate version for the comaprison.

If you look at my PEPLUM collection I posted online, I don't have DVD discs of the Italian and French DVD releases. I acquired those versions through trades. I have the movie on disc with the MillCreek version (from the WARRIORS 50 megapack), the Retromedia DVD release, which I used in the comparison, and the new Blu-ray release from The Film Detective. All other files are digital via the internet.

For this comparison, I'll go from the highest resolution to the lowest. I have 9 different versions of the movie. I've included the resolutions in each screenshots.

Posted at the permanent page: DIFFERENT VERSIONS

The Film Detective Blu-ray

This is the release with the highest resolution. It's a shame the clarity is pretty weak, there's a distortion in the image and the orange tint ruins what could have been a great release.

Fan Sub version

I don't know who did this Fan Sub (adding custom made English subtitles to a print with a different language) but I believe it was made with the Italian DVD version. In the process, its aspect ratio was up-converted to 1014x434. It's not a native resolution to the original file. It only has the Italian audio.

French DVD version

As I stated before, I don't have the DVD disc of the French version. It's a very good print but on the dark side. This MKV file has both the Italian and French languages.

Retromedia DVD version

I have the disc, from the cool HERCULES COLLECTION boxset. This print has more info on the left side, top and bottom but not on the right side. In English only.

Italian TV Broadcast

This is the so-called Italian TV broadcast version I got back in 2013. This print differs from the French and Italian DVDs so it doesn't originate from these releases. It's cropped from all sides and it's not as dark and the colours are more muted. I used this version for the Blu-ray review. In Italian only.

Italian DVD version

The copy is from the Italian DVD, which I don't have in my collection of physical media, such as DVDs, VHS or Blu-rays. It's much darker than the TV broadcast or the recent Blu-ray release in the US.  And there's more information on all sides.

French VHS version

The French VHS is terrible quality but it's in widescreen. In French only.

Spanish version

I found this Spanish version on Youtube. It's heavily cropped and the colours are very saturated. In Spanish only.

MillCreek version

This is the version from the WARRIORS 50 megapack. Horrible image. In English only.

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