Monday, May 10, 2021

By the Gods!

Carl Möhner in THE FALL OF ROME (1963) 

I like this movie. It was released before THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE (1964). Of course on can't compare one with the other but it's still the first 'Fall of Rome' movie made. Carl is good in it. As far as I know this is his only PEPLUM movie. He should have done more. Directed by the always dependable Antonio Margheriti, who loved working with models and the earthquake at the end of the movie gave him ample opportunity to showcase his work with small scale buildings.

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Anonymous said...

Good film! I have it on a nice quality Greek DVD with an English option. It was part of a trio of films put out in Greece on DVD by the same company which includes Alone Against Rome and Slave of Rome.