Monday, May 24, 2021

By the Gods!

Alan Steel in action in HERCULES AGAINST ROME (1964)

Some really beautiful prints in HD have surfaced recently. Again, not in English but Italian or French. It's one of my favourites. It's a fun movie without being too silly like many latter day PEPLUM epics sorta became. I'm certain that if this movie was to be released on Blu-ray in English it would sell like hotcakes but alas no one out there has the wherewithal to make this happen. 


Anonymous said...

Sad to say, although we love these films, they aren't that well thought of. If Steve Reeves is in it or it is directed by Mario Bava, maybe. I don't think any of the ones that have been released have "sold like hotcakes."

PEPLUM TV said...


Aside from a couple of Bava titles, the few that have been released haven't been released in HD or even in half decent transfers which is the whole point. Watching these movies in a proper HD transfer is like watching a new movie. Terrible prints discourage people from buying. The recent HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN blu-ray case in point. This HERCULES AGAINST ROME one is gorgeous. Anyway, the interest is there.

Many uploads to my Youtube channel have millions of views per video...because there are plenty of fans of these movies and many have said how amazing it was to watch the Fan Dubs I've made of these movies in widescreen and good quality and how it makes a difference. So yeah they would sell like hotcakes. My Fan Dub of HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS had over 6 million views before Youtube yanked it.

Anonymous said...

What other Sword and Sandal Blu-rays do you have that you consider poor transfers? I'm just curious.

PEPLUM TV said...

"the few that have been released haven't been released in HD or even in half decent transfers"

Nothing about bad Blu-rays...since most of them **haven't** been released on BD and the titles that have been released, for instance Steve Reeves movies (as you pointed out) have been mostly mediocre. Terrible prints, whether they're on DVD or Blu-ray, discourage buyers. Never wrote it was exclusively about bad Blu-rays.

Misreading what I wrote is not an argument. This is typical bad faith argument which I said I wouldn't publish but I did just to point it out to others.