Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Different titles: THE CONQUEROR OF CORINTH (1961)

Today, it's THE CONQUEROR OF CORINTH (1961) starring Gianna Maria Canale, John Drew Barrymore, Geneviève Grad, Jacques Sernas and Gordon Mitchell.

Since acquiring the new HD print, I decided to do this one. Not many variations with this movie. The titles are almost all the same except for the French one, and the US title, which was THE CENTURION. Of course, as is often the case, the original US title is missing in action. The English title here is the International English title, presumably for the UK and Hong Kong, Australia, etc.

Original Italian title. Taken from the HD print.

The English, or International English title. The title for the US release was THE CENTURION. 

The French title translates as THE BATTLE OF CORINTH

The German title is the same as the Italian one.

This is the US title, misspelled. CENTURIAN should be spelled CENTURION, like its movie posters.

Gianna Maria Canale and Jacques Sernas, from the new HD print.

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