Tuesday, December 8, 2020

By the Gods!

Vittorio Gassman in THE VIOLENT PATRIOT (1956)

A very well made movie directed by Sergio Grieco. Sergio went from somewhat quaint historical/costume dramas to uber macho action movies, set in the past or present. I think this was his transitional picture as some scenes are quite violent. I like it but some might not as it tends to be in the 'Melodrama' style of the 1950s. It doesn't bother me but some might have issues with this approach. This scene takes place at the end. It's very memorable and theatrical, the best scene of the movie. This is from an HD version but the image, as good as it is, is not pristine as most films in HD. Also known as JOHN OF THE BLACK GANGS, which I have in English. 

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Anonymous said...

Gasmann appeared in a delightful comedy some ten years later, called 'L'Armata Brancaleone' ('For Love and Gold'in Anglophone countries), dealing with the picaresque adventures of a decayed knight. He met bizarre Byzantine courtiers, sea-borne Saracens,a fanatical mad monk journeying to the Holy Land and many others while trying to reach the feudal town of Aurocastro, which he claimed by virtue of a stolen parchment, accompanied by a ragtaggle band of misfits.The theme song was extremely popular in Italy in the mid-60s.