Thursday, December 17, 2020

By the Gods!

Ida Galli and John Drew Barrymore in ROME AGAINST ROME (1964; aka War of the Zombies)

This movie needs an HD upgrade. Finding in widescreen such as this one is a good find but an HD print would be revelatory. This film has always been saddled with terrible prints that it's hard to give a genuine assessment of it. I assume that most of the quality of the movie will remain excellent for most of it except for the big battle scenes at the end. The movie didn't have a big budget and the big 'spooky' battle scenes at the end are its weakest part, which might look pretty bad in HD. The beautiful Ida is still with us while John died 16 years ago. 

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orsh549 said...

ROME AGAINST ROME does need some type of updating. My copy seems to be dark in some of the scenes. I had the pleasure of seeing this movie when it played locally where I grew up. The title was WAR OF THE ZOMBIES. It was billed with another movie which I forgot. I liked it till they showed lots of stock footage from HANNIBLE for the battle scenes, and the tinting they did in those scenes was some ugly. That's my opinion.