Tuesday, September 8, 2020


As the PEPLUM genre died by the mid-1960s, many stars and directors moved on to different genres, mainly Euro-spy and Spaghetti Western movies. It's amazing how many Euro-Western movies star more than one PEPLUM star in it. A great example would be FOR A FEW EXTRA DOLLARS (1968) starring Giuliano Gemma, Dan Vadis, Jacques Sernas, Benito Stefanelli and more. It was directed by Giorgio Ferroni (credited as Calvin J Paget). Supporting cast includes Nello Pazzafini, Andrea Bosic, and Claudio Scarchilli, amongst others. All familiar faces in PEPLUM movies. It's also known as FORT YUMA GOLD. Now if only PEPLUM movies had so many stars together maybe it wouldn't have died a quick death.

Dan Vadis and Giuliano Gemma in the same movie? The two PEPLUM stars didn't appear in a PEPLUM movie together, which is a shame. Dan is back with a bad haircut. 

Benito Stefanelli, Dan Vadis and Jacques Sernas! How cool it would have been if all three had been together in a PEPLUM movie? Sernas, who played Paris in HELEN OF TROY (1956; below) has a supporting role.

Pietro Capanna and Benito Stefanelli. Pietro appeared in a handful of PEPLUM movies, including THE SPARTAN GLADIATORS (1964; below with Massimo Serato). Pietro is not credited at IMDb for this Spaghetti Western.

Unlike PEPLUM movies, actors kept their clothes on for the entire movie. Here's a rare beefcake moment with Giuliano.

Watching this is like watching a PEPLUM movie with the wrong costumes. The movie itself is overlong and it reminds me of why I'm not a big fan of them. There are great Spaghetti Westerns, certainly the Sergio Leone ones but I much prefer watching PEPLUM films. Giorgio Feroni's direction, so good in THE BACCHANTES and THE TROJAN HORSE, is sorta wasted here. 

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