Tuesday, September 22, 2020

By the Gods!

Juno (Yvonne Sire) and Jupiter (Fury Meniconi) look down at earth in VULCAN - SON OF JUPITER (1962)

Probably the cheapest set in any PEPLUM movie. It's odd cause the production of the rest of the movie is fine, or at least not this bad. I like the movie but these Mount Olympus scenes are cringe. Mount Olympus is supposed to be the most beautiful place in the heavens. Well, not in this.

Gordon Mitchell as Pluto. The set looks like an afterthought. 

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orsh549 said...

The Olympus sets really turned me off with this movie. Those who thought of them must of been drunk on good Italian Wine, and the budget for this movie in my opinion was near "Rock Bottom" though at least there wasn't stock footage that I noticed. Nice "Eye Candy" though.