Monday, May 18, 2020

By the Gods!

Chelo Alonso and Mark Forest in SON OF SAMSON (1960; Maciste nella valle dei Re)

I'm always amazed by how many movies of the PEPLUM genre got away with things which most big studio films from Hollywood couldn't, which I admit is part of their appeal. The entire scene is very sexy. Flesh everywhere. Chelo gives one of her signature dances while beefy and bronzed Mark  watches. IMO, it's a stand-out scene of the genre. In fact, the entire movie is a stand-out of the genre. It had a fairly good budget and aside from a few moments of penny pinching filmmaking, the movie itself looks great. The whole genre can be summarize with this scene: sexy.

I got this print from the treasure trove I mentioned a few times before. The print itself is not perfect but it's the best print available anywhere and I'll be making a Fan Dub of it (the print is not in English). The image is so clear you can see the nail heads in the set (just above the logo). But no one was paying attention to that.

Fun fact: this was the first Maciste movie since the silent era. It was a hit and a boatload of other Maciste movies followed.

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Tim Mayer said...

Treasure trove? Was it in a locked chest?