Friday, April 24, 2020

Blog notes

Just a quick update on what's going on since the crisis surfaced months ago.

As you've noticed, I've been posting three times a week with 3 posts instead of two. For now, the blog posts will remain like this until further notice.

I've tried to maintain focus on the fun stuff and for now it's easier this way. I have some more stuff planned (which were delayed due to the crisis) and hopefully I'll focus more attention on these projects.

My recent acquisitions

I didn't acquire that many things this past winter and spring. Most of it were purchases made online (direct downloads). I've acquired plenty of different versions of many movies, and discovered many more new titles (see Treasure Throve below).

The only big purchase I've made months ago was buying the SONS OF HERCULES board game on eBay, at a very good price. I'll have more on this in a future post.

My social media accounts

Don't forget that the blog is one of many places on the internet to find all things PEPLUM.

There's BY THE GODS!, PEPLUM Xtra, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels, PEPLUM TV and BY THE GODS!

And of course the official PEPLUM TV store.

Treasure throve...

As the world's biggest PEPLUM fan (aha!), I keep searching for anything to do with the PEPLUM genre. Someone recently provided me with a link to a site which has plenty of titles, PEPLUM and non-PEPLUM, and I've been busy getting titles from there. Since the movies are not in English, I won't provide a link to it but needless to say, I'll be very busy sorting out of these movies.


Anonymous said...

I have found this month Scheherazade 1963 with English subtitles and Samson and the seven miracles of the world 1961 with the first 13 minutes at the start. Hopefully The 7 tasks of Ali Baba 1962 will turn up this year in English or with English subtitles and in colour. Wayne W.

Anonymous said...

The drawing on side of Hercules and the chariot was also released as a puzzle. I have it framed.

Tim Mayer said...

The SoH game looks to be a hoot! Someone should design a Herk RPG. Wait! I just had an idea!