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Actor Profile: Cristina Gaioni

Cristiana Gaioni in FURY OF ACHILLES (1962)

Continuing with profiling supporting actors of Italian/Euro PEPLUM films. This time the spotlight is on Cristina Gaioni. The beautiful Italian actress made over 40 movies but just a handful of PEPLUM movies. Even so, her appearance was always fun and noteworthy. She often played seductresses with no scruples but she also appeared as the 'good girl' in at least two movies. Like so many actors of the period, Cristina basically disappeared from the face of the earth (she's still alive). Personally, I wished she had done more PEPLUM movies. She also recorded some music.

TEMPEST (1958)
Cristina's first on screen appearance was in TEMPEST, with Sylvana Mangano (under hat). Cristina is on the far right. She's credited as 'una Ragazza', or 'a Girl'.


Cristina's PEPLUM movie was a temptress in THE MIGHTY URSUS. She was very good in this role.

I wonder what's she's going to do with that cup of one?

Cristina was one of many villains in the movie, including Kymos, played by Mario Scaccia

Ed Fury played Ursus. In this scene, Magali (Cristina) makes a pack with jesus to help him for his quest but she has secret plans of her own.

Cristina was the love interest to Gordon Scott's Kerim 

Gordon Scott, as Kerim, comes to her rescue.


In one of her best PEPLUM movie, Cristina plays Xenia, a captured woman who has to submit to her captors. Her role is a supporting one but she's memorable in it. With Gloria Milland, Gordon Mitchell and Ennio Girolami.

Mario Petri and Gloria Milland co-starred with Cristina

Cristina had a small role as a double-crossing woman. Linda Cristal co-starred.

Vittorio Sanipoli and Cristina are the villains in this rarely seen movie.

Cristina was in FIRE OVER ROME (1965) with Lang Jeffries. Her role is almost a cameo but she was the love interest to Jeffries' character.

Cristina played a Christian who secretly attended religious ceremonies.

I have to admit that Lang Jeffries and Cristina had very little chemistry with each other.

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